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Owen Kennedy, 38 – San Francisco, California

Pain Management

“The first time using FlexBeam I definitely felt an immediate reduction in pain and more mobility. It felt like it loosened everything up. I definitely think it increased mobility and functionality while healing from this injury. My friends are always using it too!”

Sam, 44

Shoulder Injury

“After dislocating my shoulder in a rock climbing accident, I could barely lift my shoulder and had significant pain. Using FlexBeam for about five weeks now has improved my flexibility to where I can lift my arm straight over my head, with full range of motion. It also greatly helped with pain.”

John Rogerson, 55 – London, England

Lower back Pain

“I had a total of seven sessions twice a week to treat long term lower back pain and a more recent problem with both my knees.  It is now 3 weeks since my last treatment and my knees are much stronger with hardly any stiffness left, and my back is more flexible and less sore.  The other thing I noticed about FlexBeam is how relaxing it was, and I often drifted into sleep during the session.

Tim Gray, 42 – London, U.K.

Health Optimization

My experience with FlexBeam has been really really good. Like the name says it’s flexible which means it’s closer and targeted. It’s not just another red light device – it’s taking it to a new level which is why I really like it. It’s the evolution of the red light.”

Vincent, 32 – Washington DC, USA

Neck & Back Pain

FlexBeam has been pretty life-changing. I have what is called “office syndrome” from neck and back tension at work. I used to be in pain, and now after several rounds of using FlexBeam, I feel great. My pain and knot in my back are gone. I now have full range of motion with no pain, which I haven’t had for years.”

Dr. Clifford S. Saunders, 71 – Toronto, Canada

Improved Sleep

In only a month, my wife and I are sleeping better, have less pain, more energy, and believe it or not, I’m brighter and funnier. 

The FlexBeam is a flexible, easy-to-use, high intensity, engineered red light source. Great tool! Love it!

Sid Scheck, 52 – Atlanta, USA

Health Optimization

“What I love about this device is you’re not restricted to a panel and I can wear it while I’m being active. The results really made me feel great about the product. It’s so well made, the product is first-class.”

Nym Korakot, 52 – Bangkok, Thailand

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

“It’s just amazing to feel normal again!

I have struggled with carpal tunnel syndrome for years. After the 4th day of using FlexBeam I started to feel normal again and I didn’t wake up with the numbness!

It’s been improving a lot and it makes me happy. ”

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