Who we are

Recharge Health is a Norwegian company founded in 2019 in Thailand.

Our first product, FlexBeam, is a revolutionary recovery device using targeted red light therapy. A new non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive health solution that is already changing lives and helping thousands of people.

Since 2023, our head office is in Oslo, Norway.

Our mission

Our mission is probably the most important thing to know about us: to create new and innovative technology empowering people to heal themselves, and to improve their quality of life with products that truly make a difference.

Meet the team

We are a highly diverse and international team of 20 people, with a core management team of 6.

Bjørn Ekeberg
CEO & Co-Founder

Managing Director of Recharge Health Oslo. 

Bjørn has a PhD in Philosophy of Science and has written on physics and cosmology, but his career path led him instead to build a business based on a paradigm changing, NASA-developed technology. 

A former screenwriter for NRK & Netflix shows, Bjørn created the brand for Recharge and leads the company from 2023. 

Thomas Oceguera
Chief Operations Officer

Managing Director of Recharge Co Thailand. 

Thomas is a California native with 20 years of experience with IT from companies working for Google. A versatile and hard-working manager, Thomas joined Recharge Thailand in 2019. 

As our production demands have grown, he has been leading our systems and crucial parts of our in-house operations, including quality control, supply chain, and customer service.

Even Fusdahl Hulleberg
Chief Marketing Officer

Oslo-based Even joined Recharge with 16 years of successful ecommerce and performance marketing experience for Norway’s best and KILROY.

A highly competent doer, Even is building our B2C revenue growth engine for a global market. As an avid sports enthusiast, Even can be found on padel courts and football fields when he’s not busy generating more sales.

Dr. Zulia Frost, MD
Co-Founder & Head of Clinical

Dr. Zulia is a co-founder of Recharge and the heart of the company. Trained as a Western medical doctor, she suffered a brutal car accident that set her on a path to discover other modalities of healing. 

She became a pioneer in light therapy and neurostimulation and has treated over 10,000 patients. Dr Zulia co-founded the US medical device company InterX and runs her own clinic in the UK.

Alessandra Marra
Head of Community

Ale is a former international HR executive who joined Recharge Thailand in 2021 and soon got a chance to apply her managerial and social skills to our growing affiliate program. 

In just over a year, she has succeeded in professionalizing and expanding our influencer reach by more than 3x and pours her Italian passion into the goal of growing our community of users, fans and ambassadors.

Andres E. Matos
Head of Business Development

Originating from Venezuela and with extensive international legal background, Andres has been the legal counsel for Recharge and involved in regulatory, IP and contractual work since 2020. 

Andres is currently leading our global B2B2C sales expansion with commercial partnerships and investor relations in Asia, Europe & the USA.

Premium Quality Production

We designed FlexBeam in-house as a ISO 13485 certified medical device company. We source parts directly and have minimized our reliance on third-party factories. 

To ensure premium quality, FlexBeam is now assembled at German-owned electronics manufacturer BlueChips in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Christian Barmen

Christian founded the company later known as Recharge along with Arjen Helder, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. A serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience running businesses in Asia, Christian’s expertise is in supply chain. He is currently CEO of Brain Prime Tech.

Arjen Helder

As FlexBeam inventor, Arjen is the scientific and engineering brain behind the first Recharge product. An experienced electronics engineer with extensive R&D background in light technologies, Arjen has also created devices for Weber Medical and Brain Prime Tech. Arjen is currently on the Board of Directors.

Current Partnerships

  • US Open Official Recovery Room
  • Ryder Cup USGA Recovery Room
  • Equinox Fitness New York
  • Norwegian Tennis Association
  • RunAgain