FlexBeam Ambassadors and Health Professionals

Our team of athletes and health professionals are revolutionizing their approach to performance, recovery, and wellness with FlexBeam.



Martin Ødegaard

“I use it every day and I really believe it helps my recovery a lot. Everybody could use a FlexBeam.”


Casper Ruud

“I’m surprised at how effective FlexBeam has been to kickstart my recovery between matches. FlexBeam is an ingenious device that could help a lot of people.”


Suzann Pettersen

“FlexBeam utilizes great technology that helps me recharge and recover quicker from activities. I’m happy to join the team!”


Caroline Martens

“Using FlexBeam has been a game changer for my energy levels and recovery. My muscle soreness has decreased, and I feel more energized. Highly recommend to everyone, athlete or not!”


Andreas Hanche-Olsen

“FlexBeam has been an important part of my rehabilitation after a severe injury and surgery. It helps me recover quicker after sessions and relieves pain and soreness in muscle and joints.”

Pole vault

Sondre Guttormsen

“Since incorporating FlexBeam into my recovery routine, I’ve noticed significantly faster recovery between training sessions, allowing me to get back to peak performance more quickly.”

Football freestyler

Tobias Becs

“Using FlexBeam has significantly improved my recovery and overall health. This powerful device is now an essential part of my daily routine. Highly recommended!”

Health professionals

Head Athletic Coach, 1. FSV Mainz 05

Axel Busenkell

“This technology is a real game changer. Many players have already bought their own and also use it to improve strength and performance.”

Major League Baseball Rehab Physical Therapist, Tampa Bay Rays

Brad Epstein

“We currently use FlexBeam as both a pre-activity and recovery modality. The ability to wrap it around an extremity such as shoulder and elbow are key for us.”

Physioterapist, Norway Alpine Ski Team

Henrik Legernes

“FlexBeam has been an incredible tool to use for our athletes on the Norway Alpine Ski Team. It has been very helpful in treating strain injuries during the season and in improving the rehabilitation process of athletes after surgery.”

Head Physiotherapist, Consensio, Norway

Thomas R. Jensen

“FlexBeam has significantly shortened treatment times and produced much better results overall for our patients. The device is very, very effective. I recommend many clients to buy one for easy home use.”

Physiotherapist, URI Soča, Slovenia

Primož Hostnik

“I use FlexBeam daily, with almost every patient I treat. It gives them energy, enhances their blood flow, and they feel it almost instantly.”

Vagus Clinic Ltd., Canada

Dr. Stephanie Canestraro

“I work with everyone, from really sick people that have Lyme and MS, to elite players in the NHL. FlexBeam is one of my big reccomendations.”