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Power Up Your Body

The most powerful red light therapy device of its kind. A complete game changer in health optimization, trusted by over 20,000 users worldwide.

Developed by NASA. Reinvented by us. FlexBeam is the world’s first wearable infrared therapy device. A scientific breakthrough technology, now available to anyone who wants to:

Relieve Pain

Repair Muscle

Recover Faster

Power Matters

Experience superior results with FlexBeam’s powerful near-infrared light therapy. With an amazing 5.9W total optical power output, it outperforms competitors threefold. While other devices often lack potency, FlexBeam is engineered for maximum effectiveness in the infrared spectrum, delivering 8x more power than leading competitors.

Move More

Reclaim your freedom and go back to doing what you love.

Better Nights

Boost melatonin production and regulate your circadian rhythm.

Boost the Microbiome

Support gut health and healthy intestinal flora by promoting mitochondrial health.

Heal Naturally

Forget about side effects from pills, and let light do the healing.

FDA Cleared Quality Guaranteed

Quality Guaranteed as Class II US FDA Exempt Medical Device.

Recharge Energy

Kickstart your mitochondria and boost your body’s natural battery.

The most effective targeted device on the market

FlexBeam significantly improves muscular-skeletal issues and our ability to recover faster. It also enables general improvement in strength performance and better sleep.


Faster recovery after a muscle pull


Improvement in strength performance


Reduction in muscular-skeletal pain


Improvement in deep sleep

How does FlexBeam compare?

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“I use it every day and I really believe it helps my recovery a lot. Everybody could use a FlexBeam”

Martin Ødegaard, Captain of Arsenal FC and Norway

“FlexBeam is for everyone”
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How Infrared Therapy Works

Your body has an amazing capacity to heal itself. And light plays a crucial role. 

We have evolved under the sun’s full spectrum of light and we are affected both by visible light (which we see as colors) and invisible wavelengths, such as infrared and ultraviolet (UV).

And when this powerful light is targeted, it becomes so much more effective.

“I’m using it daily on patients… it’s very effective”

Thomas R. Jensen, physiotherapist, Consensio Treatment Center, Oslo

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