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Targeted red light therapy


Enhance blood flow and oxygenation.
Red light therapy can target the root cause of pain instead of suppressing the symptom.

Targeted red light therapy


Stimulate the cells to support regeneration.
Red light therapy optimizes your body’s natural anti-inflammatory response where it’s needed.

Targeted red light therapy


Support your body’s natural recovery process.
Red light therapy boosts ATP and cellular energy for increased strength and endurance.

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Thousands of Beaming Customers

Ellen Barber, 23, Heptathlete – London, U.K.

Injury Recovery

My back pain is now nonexistent!

I’ve had a bad back issue for three years and after using FlexBeam, I was just like, oh wow, it’s remarkable how quick my injury kind of went down! The whole FlexBeam experience – it’s just done wonders for me personally as an athlete – it’s really helped my mental space as well. Not waking up being in pain… I can wake up the next day and train a lot better. I can come to the track with a lot more, basically.

I’m really happy I’ve met the FlexBeam!

Kyle Sinckler, 28


Match Recovery

England National Rugby Team player says:

“Since using FlexBeam I am amazed at how little knocks that used to linger for ages, seem to disappear almost immediately after only one treatment! 

Rugby is such a physical game, especially in my position, so it is important that when I go onto the field that I am not carrying any aches or pains and FlexBeam makes sure this is possible.”

Irina Lensky, 46

Cheltenham, UK

Runner’s Injury

“What an absolutely amazing and life changing device!

I sustained an injury to my left quad muscle 5 years ago. This resulted in many chronic conditions. 

After one treatment with FlexBeam, the pain reduced so significantly that I couldn’t believe it was possible! My life has truly changed thanks to FlexBeam – I am running again and I don’t feel any pain at all!”

Flavio Beck Jr. 34


Sports Recovery

“The FlexBeam is amazing! I’ve had it for a short time and it’s already saved my knee. I’ve used it many times and the pain has reduced significantly. Thank you!”

Jonas, 37

Brussels, Belgium

Chronic Wrist & Joint Pain

  “The FlexBeam was recommended to me by a friend. I observed a positive effect on overall muscle soreness and also on my wrist stiffness.

But to my surprise, using it before my practice proved effective as well: I have been able to cut my warmup time by half!”

Sam Scholtes, 44

California, USA

Shoulder Injury

“I had surgery at the end of 2020 and FlexBeam has helped me immensely and been my go-to device for acute localized pain and also sleep and recovery in general. 

I don’t think I’d be able to do what I do without FlexBeam. It’s the best way that I’ve found to alleviate pain.”

Andrew Green, 63

Oslo, Norway

Sleep Problems

“I track sleep metrics and in my first experience with FlexBeam I noticed a huge spike like I’ve never seen before in my deep sleep – 2.5 hours of deep sleep, 300% of what it normally was.

FlexBeam has radically transformed my deep sleep. I now wake up refreshed and clear. It has become the most valuable tool in the family medicine chest.”

Jørn Dalchow, 53

Oslo, Norway

Tennis Elbow

“Twice in the last six months I suddenly got inflammation and tennis elbow during my workout. I tried FlexBeam while watching tv and it only took a few sessions before I could feel a significant improvement and much less pain in my arm. 

Now I can work a full day without any pain. I’m very positively surprised.”

Martin Kremmer, 42

Copenhagen, Denmark

Muscle Recovery

“I did a monster workout recently and FlexBeam relieved the pain almost instantly. 

I’m a professional biohacker and big fan of proactive self care. FlexBeam is something that I’ve been using a lot lately. I like how it’s so targeted – it really emphasizes where you get the treatment. You can definitely feel the effect.”

Julia Grendysa, 30

Berlin, Germany

Motorcycle Accident

“There was a lot of pain in my leg in different places from the accident.

After using FlexBeam for one week, I didn’t have pain anymore. Now I can walk normally. And the wound has been healing much faster than the doctor warned me it would.

I’m very thankful to be able to use it and I feel like it helped me a lot to recover that fast. I’m super happy with the result.”

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Backed by Science

Tried and Tested Technology

Since the Nobel Prize-winning scientific work of Niels Finsen in 1903, the effects of red light therapy have been well documented in thousands of peer-reviewed studies

NASA developed the technology to make astronauts heal faster. Olympic athletes use it to improve their performance. Until now, red light therapy has been available only to the privileged few.

We have turned this powerful technology into the world’s first targeted, wearable red light therapy device for easy use anytime, anywhere.

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The Crowdfunding Sensation

Meet FlexBeam

FlexBeam is a state-of-the-art device that can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Trending as a top health and fitness product for 8 months straight on Indiegogo. We have over 5000 customers and raised $2m USD. All units already produced and shipped worldwide.

FlexBeam is fast becoming the new favorite of athletes, trainers, therapists and health-conscious consumers.

Discover why they love it – and try one for yourself.

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