14 Tech Gadgets that Can Boost Your Health

There’s an app for everything these days. Moreover, there seems to be a gadget for everything as well.

Some of them are fun gadgets that are borderline fashion accessories. Others are serious wellness or even medical devices. Some are both!

Technology grows at a faster rate than ever and companies and startups are making the most of it by creating gadgets that help you boost your health and wellbeing. 

Here are some amazing gadgets, devices, and apps that can really make a difference.

#1 FlexBeam

Of course, we’ll start with the FlexBeam. We made a device that emits red and near-infrared light, mimicking the rising and setting sun.

It consists of panels that are connected together in a way that makes it flexible and adjustable to your body shape. You can place it flat on your body, and you can also contour it around your joints and limbs.

The FlexBeam benefits are various and red light works from the molecular to the cellular level, up to the level of tissues, organs, and your entire body.

#2 Oura Ring

We all know that good sleep is important, but do we know how well we sleep? Oura Ring answers this question for you. It is a wearable sleep tracker in the form of a ring.

It tracks your sleep, gives you vital data about it, and helps you stay healthy and strong for all your daily challenges.

#3 HeartMath emWave2 

emWave2 from HeartMath is a very advanced heart monitor that tracks your heart rate variability or HRV. This helps you monitor heart-brain interaction as well as the dynamics of your autonomic nervous system.

Consequently, by monitoring all these factors, emWave2 reads your emotional states and helps you manage them in the best possible way. 

#4 f.lux

f.lux is a freeware that adjusts a display’s color temperature taking into account where you are and what time it is. By computing that data, it delivers the display color that is best for your eyes.

By reducing the amount of blue light according to time of day, your eye strain is reduced. Another benefit is the restoration of a healthy sleep pattern.

#5 Sensate

You just place this sleek-looking gadget on your chest, put the headphones on and immerse yourself into a powerful stress-free experience. While the music soothes you, the gentle infra-sonic vibrations soothe your vagus nerve and help you reach the state of deep relaxation instantly.

#6 Posture Corrector Lumo Lift

You need to place a little magnetic plate underneath your clothes, so you can feel it on your skin and attach it with a nice, tiny magnet to your shirt.

Press it when you are in a good position maintaining good posture. It will remember it and vibrate slightly whenever you slouch. In that way, it will coach you until a good posture becomes a habit.

#7 Muse Headband

This headband measures your brain activity using 4 sensors. It tracks your brain activity, but also your heart rate. When connected to your phone app, it will play weather sounds during your meditation sessions and track your results.

#8 Mudra Acupressure Jewelry

Mudra works on the principle of acupressure. It is designed to put pressure on the li4 point, located on your hand, in the area between your thumb and the index finger.

Their website states that by applying pressure to this point, you can increase circulation, reduce anxiety and stress, and relieve migraine and sinus pressure. 

#9 The Chilipad™ Cube

In order to achieve deep and effective recovery during your sleep, you need to adjust your sleeping environment. One of the preconditions for good sleep is temperature. 

Naturally, your body temperature drops during your sleep. However, that is not always the case for many reasons.

If you use Chilipad, you will have complete control over your environment temperature and you’ll be able to sleep better and restore your health.

#10 Neuro Vizr

The science behind the Neuro Vizr is based on the notion of neuroplasticity – your brain’s ability to change and improve throughout your life.

Neuro Vizr creates an auditive and visual experience based on First Language. You will learn more about what this means in the video below:


#11 AquaTru

This product is created to allow you high-quality hydration. The quality of water you drink is essential to your health and AquaTru filters the water until it’s pure.

Moreover, it goes one step further and utilizes ultra reverse osmosis technology to remove 82 contaminants from your water. One filter set will replace 4500 water bottles and reduce your plastic use.

#12 Vitamin C Filter Inline Shower Assembly

You absorb chlorine through your skin every time you take a shower. With only a 10-minute shower, you absorb as much chlorine as there is in 8 glasses of water.

Vitamin C filter is installed in your shower head and it extracts the chlorine from the water during your showers. In that way, the chlorine absorption through your skin is prevented and you can have healthier showers.

#13 Yunmai Smart Scale

Measuring the effects of your exercise and diet simply by their effects on your weight is not very effective. There is much more to it. Yunmai Smart Scale measures 10 body data points. That gives you a more extensive insight into your overall health.

#14 dminder

This app tracks the sun and informs you when you can get Vitamin D. It has a stopwatch that you can use to set your target time or the amount of vitamin D as your goal.

It is not a one-size-fits-all tracker as it takes into account your skin tone, weight, the surface of the skin exposed, and age.

Some of these gadgets have only one function that offers a clear benefit. Others have multiple benefits that stem from their one function.

The FlexBeam is a great example of a device that offers many benefits from the cellular level to the level of your entire body – and everything in between.

Using the FlexBeam daily will help you elevate your energy levels and encourage your body to heal itself. In addition, if there is an issue with any specific part of your body,you can use the FlexBeam for a targeted healing session. 

Learn more about all the amazing benefits the FlexBeam offers.