10 Reasons Why Light Is the Best Gift this Christmas

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If you have trouble coming up with original Christmas gift ideas, rest assured you are not the only one. “Christmas gift ideas” is trending in Google each holiday season. With each year, there seem to be more and more choices but fewer and fewer original ideas for that perfect gift. This year, the gift of light might become your favorite go-to gift idea for your loved ones. Not just any light, of course. What you need to consider is – a red light therapy device.

Here are 10 top reasons why a red light therapy device makes the best gift this holiday season:

1.  Red Light Therapy Device Can Help With the Holiday Blues

The American Psychological Association conducted a survey that showed that people feel happiness and love during the holidays. However, those pleasant feelings are also accompanied by fatigue, irritability, stress, and sadness. Some even say they feel pressure about gift-giving, financial troubles, and even increased stress at work. 

A portable red light therapy device that you can use at home whenever you like may help your body alleviate all those holiday blues symptoms. Red light can elevate your melatonin and serotonin production. These hormones help balance your mood and make you more resilient to stress, anxiety, and depression triggers during the holiday season.

2.  You Can Use Your Red Light Therapy Device to Fight Off All Sorts of Pain

It is not just emotional pain that you and your loved ones may be experiencing. There’s hardly anything so annoying as chronic pain or an injury that just won’t stop hurting. However, you can take only that many painkillers to make it go away.

3.  Red Light Device Is Making Wishes for Better Health Come True

However, red light therapy has shown remarkable results in pain relief. It can be used for chronic neuralgic pain, acute injury pain, migraines, bad back, carpal syndrome, and much more. The light penetrates deep into the tissue, reaching nerves, muscles, and blood vessels to energize them. In that way, your body gets the energy it needs to fight off inflammation, trigger regeneration, or even produce endorphins for pain relief.

Good health and happiness are definitely among the top holiday wishes we wish for ourselves and our loved ones. Besides being written on a card, those wishes weren’t really tangible. However, if you put a red light therapy device on the list of your holiday gifts, you just might be able to truly give a gift of better health and more happiness to somebody.

Red light therapy is a powerful ally in boosting your immunity and helping alleviate symptoms of many diseases. It can soothe different types of pain, reduce inflammation, and even help regulate high blood pressure. By energizing your body, it helps activate all the mechanisms necessary for better defense against all sorts of germs.

4.  You Can Use Red Light Therapy to Help Achieve New Year Resolutions

The Statista Research Department conducted a study about the New Year resolutions, and the results aren’t surprising:

“About half of Americans wanted to start 2021 by getting in shape. The most popular New Year’s resolution was “doing more exercise or improving my fitness”, which was pointed out by 50 percent of respondents. In addition, losing weight was the year’s resolution for 48 percent of Americans.”

Here are just some of the ways red light therapy can help you get fit and lose weight:

5.  Red Light Therapy Can Help You Shed Those Extra Holiday Pounds

While you should always be mindful about what you eat, holidays are not the season for dieting. With all those delicious treats available everywhere, it would do more harm than good if you were adamant not to treat yourself. However, it also means that your scale might show a slight increase after the holiday season is over. 

There are quite a few studies that show that red light therapy for weight loss can be very effective. Moreover, there’s solid evidence in one of those studies that a locally applied red light therapy device can help target your weight loss efforts.

6.  The Gift of Red Light Is a Gift of Wellbeing

Red light therapy is a huge energy booster. Mitochondria from your cells absorb the energy from the light and distribute it throughout your body. Mitochondria is especially keen on the red and near-infrared spectrum of light, so this is why these wavelengths work the best.  

In other words, red light therapy helps you recharge yourself both physically and mentally. How’s that for your list of Christmas gift ideas? Being able to relax at your home and use a device that helps you feel better in every way.

7.  It’s the Perfect Christmas Gift for the Athlete of the Family

Pro athletes and other physically active people always look for the next best thing to improve their performance. One of the most neglected ways to improve performance is to boost the muscle recovery ability of your body.

Red light therapy is a powerful way to speed up muscle recovery. Additionally, a targeted red light therapy device applied to the muscles that suffer the most impact from the physical activity can help prepare the muscles for a more efficient workout session. Even better effects are achieved if you apply your red light therapy device before and after the workout. 

It’s not always possible to maintain a rigorous workout regimen during the holidays. That’s one additional reason why red and near-infrared light therapy device is at the top of Christmas gift ideas. Namely, FlexBeam can help slow down detraining process and keep you in shape longer even if you’re not at the top of your game at the moment.

8.  Your Biohacker Friend Will Love It

Biohacker is a broad term, and it refers to a person who uses “DIY biology” to try and boost their fitness, wellness, and health levels. It can involve everything from taking supplements to taking ice-cold baths, intermittent fasting, and much more. 

Among the most famous people in the biohacker community are Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield. Both of these amazing biohackers write extensively about red light therapy as one of their favorite biohacking methods. If your biohacker friend is not into red light therapy yet, they will be pleased to learn that red light therapy makes other biohacking methods more effective.

Imagine their delight. That definitely makes a portable red and near-infrared light one of the best Christmas gift ideas for biohackers.

9.  You Can Hardly Find a Better Gift for Your Parents

Let’s face it – our parents are not getting any younger. With age come some health issues that require their attention. It is necessary to adjust your diet, stay active, and mind your mental health to stay healthy for a long time. 

There is another way to improve your parents’ lives – with an easy-to-use red light therapy device. They don’t have to go through a steep learning curve to use it. It is as easy as place-click-enjoy. Red light therapy can help improve their mood, boost their immunity, make them more energized, and help them optimize their health.

10. It Is One of the Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Families

There are many advantages of owning a red light therapy device that allows you to do red light therapy at home. However, FlexBeam is also designed in a way to give you all the benefits of a big red light therapy panel, without taking up space in your room or requiring you to spend 30 minutes without clothes in front of it. 

Having a targeted red light therapy device that can be used while you go on about your daily activities means that everybody in your household can use it. As long as you wipe it clean with a disinfectant and recharge its battery, it is ready to be used by another family member. With that in mind, giving FlexBeam as a holiday gift can be a gift for an entire family, not just one person.

Discover this power-packed red light therapy device and use this opportunity to give the gift of light this holiday season.