What Is the Difference Between the FlexBeam and Cheap Red Light Lamps?

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The main differences between the FlexBeam and cheap red light lamps are quality and efficiency. The FlexBeam delivers wavelengths in the spectrum of red and near-infrared light at just the right intensity and programming  – so you can experience significant improvements in your wellbeing.

This is not true for all red light lamps on the market today.

There seems to be a great number of products that use red light as a way of improving your wellness levels, rejuvenating your skin, and offering many other health benefits.

This means that red light therapy is gaining popularity and recognition with a mainstream audience. That’s a good thing since it has such a wide variety of uses. 

On the other hand, it also means that it is getting increasingly difficult to pick the right red light therapy product for yourself.

So, why wouldn’t you go for the cheapest option on the market? Mainly because if you do, you most likely won’t experience the maximum benefits of red light. Overpaying is not the answer either.

“There are indeed hundreds of different red and near-infrared light devices for sale online – devices for the face, hair, tendons, and more. Here’s a crucial piece of information you need to know: Virtually ALL of these devices-even those that cost hundreds of dollars – are grossly underpowered, too small and ultimately, ineffective or very time consuming to use, or both.”

Ari Whitten

Solution – the FlexBeam. Here is why you should always choose it over the cheap alternatives.


The FlexBeam Gives You All the Energy You Need

There are two measurements for energy that you need to keep in mind when you choose your red light source: dose (energy density) and irradiance (power density). These two light properties are what matters most in red light therapy.

Dose or energy density is expressed in J/cm2 when it comes to light. It is the dose of the light you are getting per square centimeter. The FlexBeam has a high dose – over 76 J/m2. That’s more than the most expensive red light panels on the market, let alone less powerful lamps.

The other factor is irradiance or power density. It is expressed in mW/cm2. This is the power your body receives per square centimeter. The FlexBeam gives you 133 mW/cm2. That’s a lot, in case these numbers don’t mean much to you. Let’s just say that some renowned red light products on the market give you somewhere above 30 mW/cm2.

There is a ‘Goldilocks zone’ where the dose is just right – not too little to have a lasting effect and not too much to negate the effect. 

This brings us to our next point. How to make sure you are making the most of all that energy and power density?

The FlexBeam Offers Light in Red and Near-Infrared Wavelengths

For your red light session to be truly beneficial, you need to use light of the correct spectrum. Healing effects are proven with red light that ranges from 600 to around 1020nm. However, some parts of this spectrum are more effective than others.

We found that red light is the most efficient at the range of 625nm to 635nm and that’s why the FlexBeam offers red light at this spectrum. But that’s not all – At the same time, you can enjoy the benefits of near-infrared light in the spectrum of 810nm to 840nm. Both of these ranges are proven to have significant healing effects.

Beware of devices that don’t specify the wavelength or offer light that has wavelengths between 700-770nm. It has been proven that this is the least efficient range. However, most cheap red lamps emit this precise range. 

The FlexBeam Allows You to Target Red Light for Better Effects

The FlexBeam is designed to provide the highest targeted dose on the market, in a compact and ergonomic shape for maximum healing and performance improvement.

A lot of light energy is lost when you use panels or fixed devices that do not bend to fit the body. Light travels in a straight line and will be reflected by the skin surface if the angle of penetration is not in line with the skin surface.

The energy delivered also reduces drastically the further you are from the light source – as little as a few centimeters could have a big impact on the total photons that actually reach the target site in the body.

The FlexBeam is contoured so it delivers all the red light energy you need to the precise area you want with minimal loss in energy.

It is a portable device that you use by placing it directly on your skin. Since it adjusts to the shape of your body, all the light and energy it delivers ends up where it is most needed – to your target area.

You do not have to expose the whole body to red light to reap the benefits of red light therapy. 

With proper use of FlexBeam, you can achieve a holistic approach and systemic energy boost by targeting only certain areas of the body. The systems of the body are interconnected and by targeting a single area you can achieve systemic effects globally through the fascia network, the blood, free-floating mitochondria, and the nervous system.

The FlexBeam Has Extremely Low nnEMF Emissions

Oscillations in energy are important – in red light therapy, there are deliberate oscillations caused by pulsing the light at certain frequencies found to have a beneficial effect. 

There are also oscillations caused by nnEMF (non-native electromagnetic fields), such as the output from the electricity supply.

If your device is powered by being plugged into the electrical grid, you will be getting the flicker from the power supply. This varies from country to country and is thought to be undesirable as it may interfere with the subtle oscillation in the body. Oscillations caused by nnEMF are something to be avoided if possible.

That’s why we decided to make the FlexBeam battery powered. Because of this, you are not being subjected to unwanted flicker effects or ‘dirty electricity’ that can hamper your efforts to heal.

We took the time to understand which wavelength of red and near-infrared light is the most efficient. Then, we made sure to design a device that would allow you to put it directly on your skin, so all the energy is used for your wellness. 

You get all of this from a portable device that you can take with you wherever you go.

Therefore, the question is not what is the difference between the FlexBeam and red light cheap lamps – The question is why would you consider risking a product that isn’t efficient enough when there is a clinically proven product on the market that is better and delivers everything it promises.

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