What is the Difference Between the FlexBeam and a Red Light Wall Panel?

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You can find a variety of different devices on the market today that use the power of red and near-infrared light for healing. They differ in the wavelengths they use, design, size, and portability. 

There are masks, panels, headgear, laser devices, and more.

We have seen many of them and we took into consideration all the facts about red and near-infrared light when we designed the FlexBeam for optimal effects and maximum benefits.

Here are some of the reasons why the FlexBeam beats a panel on the wall.

flexbeam vs panel

1. You can fit the FlexBeam close to your body

The FlexBeam is contoured. It consists of three separate light modules with a flexible band between them, so you can form it to all parts of your body. It wraps around your elbow, just as easily as it can be placed along your spine.

This means that there is minimal light loss and you have full control over the dosage you receive. Because light travels in a straight line, the angle of penetration is very important. In this way, it is much more efficient to use the FlexBeam than a panel.

Much of the light from a wall panel will be reflected by the body and will not reach the target site inside the body. 

The further away you are from a red light panel, the less energy you’ll absorb – and you can only get so close. Therefore, a certain amount of energy is lost due to the distance you are from the red light panel.

Add to that the energy that is lost due to light reflection and refraction and you’ll come up with quite a substantial amount of energy loss if you use a wall panel.

The FlexBeam resolves this problem completely. Having three separate modules enables you to direct the light deep inside the body by focusing the light from the convergent beams. This enables a powerful, focused dose of light, even in the most hard-to-reach joints. 

You place your FlexBeam directly onto your body – It doesn’t get any closer than that. Every little bit of light and energy it produces – your body absorbs.

2. The FlexBeam gives you a much more powerful dose

It’s lightweight and compact, but the FlexBeam is a more powerful device than any of the wall panels on the market in the way that truly matters.

When you look at the power output for a large panel many times the size of the compact FlexBeam, you may think you get more power this way.

But in fact, what actually matters in red light therapy is energy density and power density at the specific site you are treating.

Energy density is measured in J/cm2 (dose) and power density in mW/cm2 (irradiance). This is what determines an effective dose, not the theoretical total exposure you can get from a panel, where most of it doesn’t reach into your body anyway.

The FlexBeam is designed to provide the highest targeted dose on the market, in a compact and ergonomic shape for maximum energy delivery.

3. FlexBeam has no oscillations or nnEMF

Since most panels have to be plugged into the main electricity supply, this means that they will carry oscillations from the mains and nnEMF at the same time as they produce red light.

nnEMF is the abbreviation for non-native electromagnetic fields and it has disruptive effects on many biological processes in our bodies.

Here are just some of the negative effects of nnEMF:

  • Halted cell protein production
  • Disrupted sleeping patterns
  • Immune system impairment
  • Damaged melatonin production
  • Alterations in neurotransmitters

In other words, nnEMF cancels out a good portion of red light therapy benefits. 

When it comes to the FlexBeam, there are no oscillations and very low nnEMF. You are completely safe from the negative effects of electromagnetic fields that can harm your health.

4. You don’t have to stand naked to use the FlexBeam

When you are using a red light therapy panel, you need to remove your clothes and stand stark naked in front of the panel for your session.

That’s a lot of time to stand naked in the middle of the room. It doesn’t mean that it is uncomfortable, but it is definitely not convenient and surely takes getting used to.

With the FlexBeam, you don’t have to remove all of your clothes and stand in one place.

Just place it on an exposed part of the body that you want to treat. You can strap it on and move around too.

5. You can take your FlexBeam with you anywhere

Continuous and regular therapy will definitely give you the best results. If you have to travel, you don’t have to stop enjoying the perks of red light therapy. It is so easy to pack your FlexBeam and take it anywhere with you. It even comes with a travel sock for added convenience.

Moreover, you can use it on a plane or during your travel, depending on what part of the body you want to treat. 

Now imagine doing that with a red light panel, even a small one (with even less power). It is difficult to carry with you and you have to be sure that you’ll have enough place and privacy to use it while you are away. Most of them also require a power source and quite a bit of space.

Also, travel is not the only time you are away from your home, is it? What about work? You can easily take your FlexBeam to work and multitask. 

You get the gist. The FlexBeam is a more efficient, more powerful, safer, more cost-effective, convenient, and user-friendly device than any red light panel on the market.

That’s why we say the FlexBeam is the next generation of red light therapy. The first red light therapy device actually designed for the human body.

If you’re looking at what red light therapy device to invest in for your health, the decision should really be a no-brainer.

Learn more about the FlexBeam benefits.