Personal Story: Increasing Testosterone Levels Using FlexBeam

Testosterone is an exclusively male hormone, right? Surprisingly, no. While it is present in higher levels with men, it is still a very important hormone for women’s health.

Since lack of testosterone is often considered a “male issue,” it is easy to forget that menopausal women also need healthy levels of testosterone. Otherwise, they are at high risk for osteoporosis.

In other words, testosterone is a crucial hormone and it is important to maintain healthy levels. Red light therapy has been found to increase testosterone levels without using drugs or supplements. 

First-Hand Experience: FlexBeam Increasing Testosterone Levels

Dr. Zulia Frost has been using red light therapy devices for the last 15 years for various health issues. She noticed that it is effective in treating conditions such as back pains, osteoarthritis and feet neuropathies. 

Dr. Zulia’s approach to treating her patients involves a holistic treatment that increases the general wellbeing and patient’s energy levels. That is precisely the idea behind the FlexBeam.

The FlexBeam has been Dr. Zulia’s device of choice due to its flexibility and the ability to deliver a targeted dosage of red light therapy. It also has a high power density compared to other devices on the market.

A man who we will call Andrew (name changed due to privacy reasons) aged 46, contacted Dr. Zulia, looking for a solution for his poor libido and ability to maintain an erection. These are his words:

My objective is to reverse the symptoms of erectile dysfunction that I have recently started to suffer from. To be able to control a sustained and full erection.”

He wanted to try the FlexBeam in addition to some life changes he made, hoping that they would make a difference. He limited tobacco and alcohol use, and introduced some moderate healthy habits.

Before starting the FlexBeam sessions, he did blood tests to determine his testosterone levels. Andrew checked his free testosterone, bioavailable testosterone and total testosterone. 

Dr. Zulia assessed Andrew’s situation and created a protocol for him on how to use his FlexBeam for optimal results.

He had two courses of 3-week sessions, using the device daily. The placement and the duration of his sessions were tweaked by Dr. Zulia for optimal results. Andrew said he enjoyed using FlexBeam:

“I use the FlexBeam in bed every morning as soon as I wake up, usually around 7am. It has become an easy and enjoyable routine to follow and feels somewhere between an early morning mediation and lazy weekend lie-in. I discreetly turn it on and choose the program, muffling the sound, trying not to wake my wife as she sleeps beside me.

I enjoy the warmth of light and buzzing sensation it gives off. Ten minutes absolutely flies-by and I sometimes wish I could carry on longer than my protocol recommends, but I don’t.”


In Andrew’s case, FlexBeam sessions helped him increase his testosterone levels significantly. Over the course of 30 days, Andrew experienced an increase of almost 50% in testosterone:

46% increase in free testosterone48% increase in bioavailable testosterone 46% increase in total testosterone60-100% increase in erection strength

Andrew also said that the lab results were not the only improvement he experienced. His libido and sexual life also improved as well as his overall health and emotional state. 

These are the results after a month of using the FlexBeam and Andrew plans to continue using it. Dr. Zulia will continue to observe Andrew’s progress and monitor his achievements.

Facts about Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is made in testes in men and ovaries in women. Small amounts are created in the adrenals (DHEA). There are many reasons why testosterone can decline which has many downsides.

This table can help you understand the importance of this hormone. Keep in mind that it contains just some of the many causes, signs, and symptoms.

Causes of testosterone declineSigns of testosterone declineHealthy testosterone levels
Dramatic weight loss
Metabolic diseases
Diabetes 2
Certain medications
Reduced muscle mass
Loss of strength
Reduced bone density
Low libido
Decreased metabolism
Increased CVD risk
Increased autoimmune thyroid disease risks
Decreased male fertility
Good cardio-vascular health
Lean body mass
Healthy sexual arousal

For optimal testosterone levels, you need adequate amounts of vitamin A, vitamin D3, and Zinc. 

There are many indicators that boosting testosterone levels can be achieved naturally using supplements. However, if the gut flora is compromised then the gut then cannot adequately absorb supplements, so they may become less effective.

There are numerous studies showing that red light therapy is highly efficient in increasing testosterone levels.

Red light therapy has no known side effects and that is one of the reasons why red light therapy makes perfect sense for achieving and maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

There are other amazing benefits of using FlexBeam. Read up on the science behind red light therapy and start your journey to greater wellbeing.