Stories of Transformation: FlexBeam for Prevention and Longevity

Roger Snipes raises some very interesting topics here. He’s talking about longevity, prevention, and general life quality.

“I would wear FlexBeam and I would go to the shop and I would look like some sort of bionic man.

The convenience of it. It was pretty cool. The good thing about it is you can have it more direct to certain areas that you want to heal. Normally, I strap it around my abs in the morning.

The next time I use it is after training. It comes with me wherever I go, walk around the park, guy/in the garden, just have it healing. 

My main focus now is longevity. This will benefit many people who are looking to have a bit more vibrance in their life. 

Why should we wait to be sick to try and fix it? People should be focusing on thriving, not just living. I want to look like a superhero as well with the FlexBeam. 

If you are traveling sometimes it’s nice if you can bring certain bio hacks with you. This is something that we should have as a standard thing. Sounds pretty cool.”

Given that FlexBeam is a wellness device with the main function of energizing people’s health, it makes perfect sense that Roger keeps his FlexBeam with him at all times. 

But, how does that work?

Red Light Therapy for Prevention and Longevity

The key to longevity and prevention is to keep your body running at an optimal level. That includes making sure that your immune system works properly and is ready to deal with all the environmental challenges.

However, immunity is not just one isolated system. It is a complex, well-tuned system that requires a holistic approach. That’s precisely what red light therapy does. Here are just a couple of mechanisms it uses to achieve better immunity boost.

  • Energizing mitochondria function. Red light therapy helps the mitochondria create ATP (Adenosine Triphospate) which means that your body is energized enough to deal with infections and other challenges.
  • Stem cell stimulation. Your immune response includes activating stem cells. With red light therapy, this happens readily and easily.
  • Stimulating blood flow. Cellular metabolism includes feeding cells the nutrients they need and also removing the toxic waste. With properly functioning blood circulation, this cellular metabolism keeps the body healthy.

Besides these three essential mechanisms, there are many others, as well. Immunity and prevention are achieved by maintaining hormonal balance, promoting restorative sleep, and keeping excellent gut health.

All of these can be achieved with red light therapy. Discover how FlexBeam makes the most convenient solution for your daily dose of red light.