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Finally, an effective way to relieve pain that is also great for your health. Try FlexBeam’s powerful infrared therapy, trusted by 20,000+ users worldwide.

Move More

Reclaim your freedom and go back to doing what you love.

Sleep Better

Bring back the pain-free nights of deep, restful sleep

Recover Faster

Relieve pain quicker so you can be yourself again.

Heal Naturally

Forget about side effects from pills, and let light do the healing.

Treat the Root Cause of Your Pain Instead of a Symptom

Pain is your body signaling for help. Instead of trying to turn the volume down, why don’t you eliminate the cause of the signals, instead?This is how near-infrared therapy provides pain relief by targeting specific pain mechanisms.

Speed up healing

Pain mechanism: swelling as a result of buildup, pressing surrounding tissues.

Near-infrared pain relief: boosting blood flow that reduces swelling and relieves pressure.

Decrease inflammation faster

Pain mechanism: body reacts to tissue damage by triggering processes in mitochondria. 

Near-infrared pain relief: directly energizes mitochondria, starts anti-inflammatory processes, and speeds up pain relief.

Promote pain-soothing hormones

Pain mechanism: signaling the feeling of pain through nervous system.

Near-infrared pain relief: triggers pain relief hormones, such as endorphins and serotonin to soothe the painful sensations.

Trustpilot Testimonials

Get a Near-Infrared Therapy Device Designed
for Non-Pharmaceutical Pain Relief

Advanced non-pharmaceutical pain relief is not a privilege of the few anymore. You can get a powerful, ergonomic near-infrared device designed to help everyone.

“I’m using it daily on patients… it’s very effective”

Thomas R. Jensen, physiotherapist, Consensio Treatment Center, Oslo

Efficient, Targeted Pain Relief

When near-infrared light is targeted, it becomes much more effective.

That’s why FlexBeam is designed to be wrapped around your body and target specific problem areas.

Faster healing and recovery, without the side effects.

Let light do the healing.

FlexBeam Boosts Your Body’s Ability to Heal Itself

Pain comes in different forms, and it’s not always a consequence of an injury. FlexBeam can help with that, as well.

Don’t be fooled by its size. A carefully positioned FlexBeam has amazing systemic effects that help your body deal with pain wherever it is.

Near-infrared therapy triggers the pain relief, and your body distributes it where it’s needed the most.

Why Choose FlexBeam Over Other Treatments

Why Choose FlexBeam Over Other Light Therapy Devices

FlexBeam is the most powerful near-infrared therapy device of its kind on the market.
FlexBeam is designed with the human body in mind, while preserving the powerful output normally reserved for panels.

FlexBeam’s unique design allows its healing effects to penetrate deeply, and not just at the surface level. Plus it allows for direct placements on otherwise hard-to-reach areas.

FlexBeam uses carefully selected wavelengths, proven to have the most healing power. 630nm (red) and 815 nm (near-infrared) and light dosage of up to 100MW per cm2.

FlexBeam delivers 8x more power in near-infrared output than our leading competitors, 3x more power output than any other portable device on the market, and has a total optical power output of more than 6W.

FlexBeam is non-pharmaceutical, non invasive, and has no known side-effects. Which is why FlexBeam is safe to use for everyone – including on children and pets. *

*specific protocols are in place for use on children and pets. Consult our customer support for more information.
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