Biohacking Women’s Health with Red Light Therapy

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Whenever you start reading an article about women’s health, sooner or later, you will find data that suggests that women’s health has been neglected and underrepresented in different experiments. Sadly, that’s true. This means that there is fewer data to go on. However, when it comes to biohacking women’s health and using red light therapy, many women are doing their personal research and exchanging their findings online.

At the moment, self-assessed results make up a big part of research regarding how red light therapy affects women’s health.

It is also encouraging to see an increasing number of experts who pay attention to women’s health, talking and writing about it.

There are some absolutely amazing biohacking articles about women’s health out there. If you are only dipping your toes in the world of biohacking, start by informing yourself about best practices when it comes to biohacking for women. Here are some good places to start:

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Dave Asprey: 8 Life-Changing Biohacking Tools Created by and for Women

You can get a lot of amazing recommendations from these pieces and incorporate them into your daily life. Read up and see what makes the most sense for you and start with things that you are comfortable with. 

Or listen to Recharge’s science expert Sarah Turner talk to LA biohacker Kristin Weitzel in this Wellpower podcast:

Biohacking women’s health is all about experimenting and tailoring the methods to your own needs and monitoring the results.

However, it’s only natural to be a bit impatient with the results. While patience is your main resource in this situation, you can also utilize red light therapy to boost your biohacking efforts.

Which one?

Well, most of them, to be honest. Let’s start by listing some of the most common biohacking tips for women and how red light therapy can make them even more efficient.

Biohacking Women’s Health Through Diet

Diet is probably where a lot of women start their biohacking journey. There are several great things you can do to adjust your diet to your body’s needs.

Two things you can start doing right now are planning your diet around your menstrual cycle, and reevaluating your diet type.

  1. Throughout your menstrual cycle, your hormones fluctuate. It is advisable to try and track the changes you feel in your body and adjust your diet to your needs. Plan your diet to give your body enough protein, fiber, or healthy fats in different periods of your cycle.
  1. Be careful about diets such as intermittent fasting and keto. While there is substantial proof that they can help men, the results are quite inconclusive whether these diets work well for women, also. Some studies even suggest that fasting can worsen the glucose response of a female body. 

These two hacks alone will help you give your body the nutrients it needs, when it needs them. They will also help you achieve your hormonal balance by ensuring your gut microbiota functions flawlessly.

How can red light therapy help? 

Red light therapy can help stimulate healthy gut microbiota and a well-energized body. Consequently, your hormonal levels will be more stable. It all happens when the mitochondria are properly energized.

Mitochondria in your body are very sensitive to red light therapy. Red light therapy boosts mitochondria with energy, giving them more power for all the vital cellular processes. 

There is evidence that there is an important relation between the mitochondria and the insulin sensitivity. In other words, if your mitochondria is all powered-up, your body will be more efficient in responding to insulin and making the most of your diet.

Biohacks for Your Hormones

Your light environment greatly influences hormone production and balance. The importance of hormonal balance for a healthy female body cannot be emphasized enough.

Red light therapy is a great way to maintain optimal hormone levels as it can stabilize your circadian rhythms, energize the mitochondria, and help balance the gut flora.

  • While you don’t want excess estrogen production, you need to keep those levels up because, as well as playing an important role in normal sexual and reproductive development, estrogen is important for dopamine production and maintaining a stable and happy mood.
  • Another hormone that increases dopamine levels in the central nervous system is testosterone. This hormone is essential for women’s health, especially in menopause. It is necessary for muscle and bone strength and cognitive function.
  • Elevated cortisol levels lead to increased stress. This is a common occurrence with women. Keeping cortisol at an optimal level is essential for overall well being.

Biohacks for Your Reproductive Health

With age, there are several factors that can decrease women’s reproductive health. Vaginal laxity can be decreased, low estrogen levels can decrease vaginal hydration and bladder function, the number of ovarian follicles is decreased, and ovarian cysts can increase. 

Red light therapy can help with most of these issues. Let’s start with fertility and ovarian activity.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is the most common endocrine syndrome that affects women. Reduced fertility and ovarian cysts are just some of the possible symptoms.

The good news is that red light therapy has shown promising results in both increasing the number of follicles and reducing the number of cysts.

Even if you don’t suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome, you have probably experienced menstrual pain at some point in your life. Red light therapy is a great way to have pain-free periods.

Biohacks for Menopause-Related Women’s Health

Another important disorder that can happen with age is Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause. It involves symptoms such as dryness, irritation, lack of lubrication, urinary tract infections, and similar. 

The estrogen decline can cause or worsen symptoms related to vaginal hydration and bladder function. In combination with decreased blood flow in vaginal and urethral tissues, it causes the majority of symptoms listed above.

Red light therapy can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. In that way, the laxity of these tissues will be prevented or slowed down. This will also increase lubrication by practically rejuvenating the vaginal and urethral tissues, restoring their elasticity and function.

Apart from these amazing benefits, red light therapy has on women’s health, it also has some universal benefits that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Red light therapy can help you:

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