Chatting FlexBeam and Football with Martin Ødegaard

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There are several names proudly representing Norway across the world of athletics at the moment – among them, Casper Ruud, who is making strides in global tennis competitions.

But there’s another name that stands out.

Martin Ødegaard was just 15 when he began his professional football journey in the Eliteserien club, Strømsgodset. Quick to draw international attention, he was scooped up by Real Madrid just a year later. After a series of loans and transfers that saw Martin bounce from team to team, he landed at Arsenal.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Signing a deal with The Gunners in 2021, Martin kicked off an illustrious career that is only just beginning. Currently the captain of both Arsenal F.C. and the Norwegian Men’s National Team, Martin’s focus remains on maintaining peak physical fitness.

We’re thrilled to announce that FlexBeam is part of the routine keeping Martin fit, healthy, and ready to step onto the pitch each match. The team at Recharge Health recently sat down with him to chat about how he incorporates FlexBeam into his recovery, his career, and what he’s planning to give his friends and family for Christmas this year.

Recharge Health: The life of a football player – what would surprise the average person watching on TV?

Martin Ødegaard: A lot of people look at football players and think they live this very interesting life – but the truth is, it’s about performing and recovery. I train, I play, and apart from that, I try to recover and do simple things.

RH: Would you say you need to be able to turn off?

MØ: Yeah, I think you need to have a switch. For me, it’s important that when I train, I train properly. I want to do it at 100%, and stay sharp. And when I get home, I try to think about other things. I try to relax, get my mind off football. I think that’s important as well because it’s very intense, and it’s key to be able to switch off and get a bit of a break.

RH: Do you feel like you’ve done something special to get to where you are?

MØ: Yeah, I’ve done a lot of things, but the main thing is I’ve trained a lot. I think it’s hard work – there’s no secret formula. You have to work hard, and you need to be really passionate about what you’re doing.

RH: In football, what are the moments that you really live for? When do you enjoy it most?

MØ: One of the hardest things is to enjoy every moment – because you always want more. If you play a good game, you want to be better. After a win I start to think about the next game. You can be proud but also hungry for more, not be totally satisfied – look forward to improving. I think that’s important as well.

RH: How did you hear about Recharge Health?

MØ: I’ve always been interested in everything to do with recovery – to take care of my body. I’ve been using red light therapy for a while. I heard about this device – that you can put it on the body directly and bring it with you. I thought it was really interesting.

RH: How has red light therapy helped you with football?

MØ: In general, for recovery. We’re playing so many games, and training every day. It’s very rare to play without any pain at all. You always feel a bit of pain – it’s very demanding to play so much. It’s helpful to have something that can help you relax, recover, and heal injuries.

RH: Do you have a recovery protocol that you follow if you are injured?

MØ: We’re lucky here to have great staff around us. We have a great medical team, and they give us everything we need. I like to do things when I get home as well.

RH: What do you think about emerging devices – is this a way of leveling the playing field?

MØ: I think so. We have medical staff – we can basically get anything we need, we’re very fortunate. I have friends playing in lower divisions in Norway who don’t have that. I think FlexBeam can be an option for them, to care for their body and recovery.

RH: Can you tell us what you know about the technology, infrared light?

MØ: It helps with blood flow and to speed up recovery. I just believe in it. I’ve been using different things for a long time and I feel good with this product. I feel like it’s definitely helping my muscles to recover and heal quicker.

RH: How do you use it?

MØ: When I’m at home in the evening, I put it on and relax on the sofa. Or when I’m doing some stretching, I put it on. It’s very easy to use. If I watch something on TV, I put it on.

RH: Do you think the general public can benefit from this? 

MØ: I think anyone can use this. I’m a professional footballer, and I have all the help in the world – and I still feel like this can help me. I can bring it with me everywhere. It’s really easy to use. FlexBeam is for everyone – the players at the top and also the normal guy on the street.

RH: Who would you give FlexBeam to, people you know, to help them and why?

MØ: I’ve already given one to my girlfriend. She’s a dancer. My friends – especially the ones playing football, they will definitely need one. And also my grandparents. I know they have a lot of pain – so I’d love for them to try it and see how they feel.

RH: You mentioned earlier that you always have some kind of pain. Do you feel like you push yourself?

MØ: Yeah, sometimes you need to be able to play when you’re tired, for example. That’s part of the game. I also think football is just becoming quicker and more physical.

RH: Just on that note – do you fear getting injured? What does it mean for you and the club?

MØ: I think everyone fears injuries, of course. It’s just a reality. I put a lot of pride into not being injured, and being available. Especially with the big games coming up, you always want to be there.

RH: Would you give red light therapy or FlexBeam as a Christmas gift?

MØ: Yeah, I would. I think that’s a good tip! I think this might be one of my Christmas presents this year!

RH: What are Martin’s three best tips for recovery?

MØ: I think there are main things you have to do for other things to help. You need to sleep well – I think that’s most important. And you need to eat and drink well. Those are the main things. Apart from that, there are other things you can do – but you always have to get the basics first and that’s to sleep well, eat well, and get enough water.

RH: And FlexBeam, of course!

MØ: With the basics, I definitely think FlexBeam – it’s a great addition to any recovery protocol.

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